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Puff Labo - Japanese Cotton Large (5 Bags)


Japanese Labo Organic Cotton - Puff Labo 5 bags with a 120 pads in each bag


Made In Japan


Japanese Puff Labo Organic Cotton Pads are some of the highest quality cottons on the market! Cottons are grown in organic farm with no use of pesticide for at least 3 years. This growing method creates one of the purest cotton on the market. This cotton will give you more flavorful and cleaner taste!


Product Features:



  • Never Bleached! Organically grown pure cotton in Japan
  • The dark spots on the cottons are from the dried natural cotton leaf to create the purest organic, unbleached cotton on the market!
  • Giving you the purest taste, and an amazing vape experience
  • Made In Japan
  • Japanese Organic Cotton - Puff labo
  • Material:100% Japanese Labo Organic Cotton - Unbleached
  • Pad Size:60cm x 80cm






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